Dry alternatives to our cocktails served fresh. All of the flavor, none of the buzz.

Kecak Coco 55
Orange juice, banana syrup, coconut water, mint, lemonade. Tropical and fruity.

She’s Grey 55
Earl grey tea, guava, lychee juice, rose petals, soda. Light, floral, and refreshing.

Mango Loco 55
Coconut mix, pineapple, mango coulis, basil, citrus. Creamy and tropical.

Lemongrass Fizz 55
Lemongrass, Kintamani orange jelly, kaffir oleo Saccharum, ginger ale. Earthy and refreshing with notes of Balinese spice.


Health-conscious potions boost the immune system and rejuvenate the body.

Healing Spells 60
Beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger. Rich in antioxidants, low in calories, and highly immune boosting.

The Cure 60
Carrot, orange, celery, pineapple, lemon, honey. Rich in vitamin C, immune-boosting and improves digestion.

Chlorophyll 60
Cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, parsley. Anti-inflammatory, high blood pressure reliever.

Red Energizer 60
Watermelon, pear, mint, lemon, dates. Helps you hydrate and is a stress reliever.


Green Tea Oreo 65
Matcha green tea, crushed oreo, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream

Banana Mama 65
Banana, strawberry, vanilla ice cream, caramel, whipped cream

Coffee Mocha 65
Espresso, chocolate ice cream, roasted almonds, whipped cream


Copacabana 65
Coconut, banana, peach, vanilla, plain yoghurt, fresh milk

Mango Tango 65
Mango, pineapple, strawberry, plain yoghurt, fresh milk

Beets By Dre 65
Beetroot, pineapple, plain yoghurt, fresh milk


Freshly brewed using specialty-grade blends from So So Good Coffee Company.

Faith blend: Cacao nibs, roasted walnuts, citrus, juicy, caramel finish. Medium-roast.

Hope blend: Intense brown sugar, toffee-like flavors, dark chocolate, brown cooking spices, low acidity. Medium-roast

Espresso 28/32
Choice of blend

Piccolo 32
Espresso, milk

Cappuccino 38
Espresso, steamed milk

Latte 38
Espresso, steamed milk

Flat White 38
Espresso, steamed milk

Macchiato 34
Espresso, milk

Americano 34
Espresso, water

Cold Brew 45
Hope blend, steeped for 12 hours for maximum flavor.

Iced White 38
Cold-brew concentrate, fresh milk, cream, evap. milk, sugar optional

Kopi Suku 38
Cold-brew concentrate, fresh milk, cream, evap. milk, coconut sugar
Add almond milk 7


Locally sourced teas from Made Tea

Black Tea 45

Jasmine Green Tea 45

Vanilla Coconut Chai 45
Broken black tea, vanilla, coconut flakes, cinnamon, cardamon

Clarity 45
Lemongrass, globose petal, pandan, rose, cardamon

Vitality 45
Gotu kola, mint, lemongrass

Royalty 45
Lemongrass, pandan, ginger, butterfly pea petals


Kintamani Orange 40

Mango (seasonal) 40

Pineapple 40

Watermelon 40

Fresh coconut 40

Iced Tea 35

Iced Lemon Tea 40

Iced Lychee Tea 45

Iced Peach Tea 45


Coke 30

Coke Zero 30

Sprite 30

Tonic water 30

Soda water 30

Aqua Reflections still 30

Aqua Reflections sparkling 30

all prices are in '000 | The price is subject to 16% government tax & service charge