Available from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Suku Garden Medley 85
A medley of our garden vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Inspired by classical French gargouillou

Garden Salad 65
Mixed fresh lettuce with lemon honey dressing, toasted garlic butter bread, and parmesan cheese

Tuna Tataki Salad 75
Pan-seared tuna tataki with a mixed fresh green salad and lemon honey dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad 85
Mixed fresh lettuce with Caesar dressing and topped with grilled chicken

Mushroom Soup 55
Thick mushroom soup with sautéed mushrooms and garlic bread

Tomato Soup 45
Creamy hot tomato soup with toasted garlic bread

Fisherman’s Stew 125
Freshly caught fish of the day with mussels, clams, squid, potatoes, and croutons served with seafood tomato soup

Sweet-Soy Pork Belly 150
Slow-cooked pork belly in sweet and soy sauce with mixed greens and potato chips

Grilled Octopus 120
Grilled octopus tentacle glazed with red wine soy reduction and potato purée

Grilled Pork Ribs 140
Spiced grilled pork ribs with sautéed water spinach

Pan-Seared Barramundi 130
Pan-seared barramundi steak with red chili relish, shallot relish, sautéed local greens, and mashed potato

Tempe Colo-Colo 60
Grilled soybean curd in spicy-sweet soy sauce with sautéed broccoli and white steamed rice

Aromatic Chicken 125
Slow-cooked chicken breast in Balinese-spiced sauce with mashed potato and sautéed vegetables

Beef Cheeks 165
Sliced beef cheeks served with mashed potato, sautéed asparagus, and carrot chips

Rice Bowls

Served with a sunny side up egg and fresh-cut lettuce

Chicken Teriyaki 85
Sweet Soy Pork Belly 90
Balinese Fried Chicken 80
Vegan / Vegetarian Bowl 65

Sandwiches And Burgers

Beef Sandwich 85
Toasted baguette sandwich with beef slices, wild rocket salad, and deep-fried potato chips

Pulled Pork Sandwich 95
Croissant sandwich with braised pulled pork and fried medallion onions

Tuna Sandwich 85
Toasted croissant sandwich with pulled tuna mayo and deep-fried potatoes

Smashed Beef Burger 105
Brioche bun burger with beef patty, sunny side up egg, bacon, and deep-fried potato chips


House-made Tagliatelle

Seafood Marinara 65
Braised assorted seafood with house-made marinara sauce

Carbonara 80
Bacon, house-made creamy sauce, and parmesan cheese

Spicy Chicken Aglio E Olio 70
Garlic-sautéed chicken, parmesan cheese, and chili flakes

Arrabbiata 65
House-made spicy tomato sauce and parmesan cheese


Apple Crumble 55
Caramelized apple, almond and coconut crust, almond crumble, lemon cream, and vanilla sauce

Dulce De Leche 55
Yoghurt cream, ladyfingers, caramelized milk, strawberries, and cookie crumbles

Lemon Curd 55
Yoghurt cream, ladyfingers, caramelized milk, strawberries, and cookie crumbles

Ketan Manis 45
Traditional Balinese sticky rice with caramelized banana and sweet coconut sauce

Kids Menu

House-made Pasta

Choose your own sauce:
• Classic tomato sauce with parmesan cheese 40
• House-made creamy sauce 40
• Classic aglio e olio 45

Fish and Chips 55
Deep-fried fish finger with potato chips


Mashed Potato 45
Sweet Mashed Potato 40
Aromatic Rice 15
Fried Bacon 35
Sautéed vegetables 25

all prices are in '000 | The price is subject to 16% government tax & service charge