Mr. Joyful Noise

Date & Time

Sunday, 31 Oct 2021

Start: 11:00

End: 22:00

Mr. Joyful Noise at The Suku Bali

Joyful Noise represents the other side of Dipha Barus that dwells in the sounds of Techno, Acid, Disco and other Experimental / Leftfield tip of Dance Music and everything that makes the dancefloor grooves. The name speaks for itself, Joy is what Dipha brings from the deck and into your body, this is aligned with his passion and dedication towards dance music and his mission to always spread good vibes through music.

From being a member of one of the most celebrated electronic groups in Indonesia, Agrikulture, touring to clubs around Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Australia to becoming the most-sought after producer in the country, Dipha Barus has established himself as a musical phenomenon. Through all of his achievements, he developed this alter-ego as an opportunity to go back to his roots once in a while and continue to spreads good energy, surpassing all genre