SUKU /su-ku/

[Bahasa Indonesia] n. a people sharing a common root; a tribe; a community within a greater nation-state.

Here at Suku, our mission is to bring Bali life back to its roots. We believe that knowing where your ingredients come from is important not only to ensure a quality dining experience; but also to make sure that everyone who helped bring food to your plate gets a slice of the pie.

From up-cycling mango peels into one of our signature cocktails to exclusively sourcing from local farmers who nourish their food without synthetic chemicals, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the kitchen. Nothing goes to waste.

The Suku is a place where tradition meets modernity. We pay homage to the ingredients our ancestors grew up with while reinterpreting their recipes with an international flair that makes it easy for you to reconnect with the goods on your plate and in your cup.

Sustainability, social equity, and excellence are values rooted within our DNA that we would love to share with you.

The Team


Hailing from all corners of the world, the tribe behind The Suku Bali is headed by senior staff with substantial experience at landmark luxury establishments. We believe in the distinctly Indonesian value of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or unity in diversity, and pride ourselves on being a touchstone for like-minded professionals from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Our team is for the community, by the community. Furthermore, our local-first staff policy ensures that 30% of Suku staff positions are reserved for the surrounding community and 60% for local Balinese.